04 July 2008

Who likes to rock the party?

We got the studio!! We've set down a deposit and everything, so Craig and I will definitely not be homeless. For the interval between now and July 19th (our moving day) we've managed to find a cheaper hotel that even has free internet. Thanks to everyone who offered website suggestions, internet search help, general kind words and morale boosting, and sent their hopeful thoughts our way. Thanks especially to the families. We are so lucky to have all of you in our lives.

Last night, we looked at a share-house in Surry Hills, because we'd made the appointment before we knew that we'd gotten the studio. Surry Hills is closer to the city than Newtown, but also a little rougher. Think Surry Hills is to Newtown as East Atlanta is to Decatur. That's right, I rocked my GRE. (my GRE!!) Yeah, you know me.

Anyway, the share house would have been really nice. Much bigger room than the studio, on the top floor, higher ceiling, a sort of balcony with a big giant window, huge shared kitchen. It would have even been a little cheaper. The bad news: there was only one bathroom, and if we moved in, there would be 5 people in the house. Rough. My lovely sister offered to mail me 100 Charmin toilet-seat covers if we ended up living there, which would have been much appreciated.

I was worried about not having control over temperature outside of our room...like at two in the morning when I need to use the...ahem...restroom, it would really suck if outside our room was freezing.

At the studio, we'd have way less space, we'd be living beneath someone else, and it would be more expensive, but we'd have control over everything.

After much discussion, pro-and-con lists, and thinking about it until we were exhausted, we decided that if they let us change the bed in the room to make more efficient space, we would take the room over the studio.

In the end, they decided they'd like just one roommate instead of two, so we didn't have to make that choice after all. Most of the people we've talked to about it (baristas and bartenders) have told us that we should steer clear of a house with so many people anyway. Bound to have problems.

Having our own place will be nice, at least we'll be able to do everything just the way we want. And we've got another appointment for a share house tomorrow--this one's only got one girl living there. We made this appointment before we got the studio, too, and we figure if it's nice enough we may have to make the same decision...

So, that's the story. No matter what happens with the house tomorrow, Craig and I at least have the studio, and that's a pretty good deal, considering Sydney's ridiculous housing situation.

We'll post pics of the place as soon as we do it up real nice for you all to come visit...

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