12 July 2008

Don't Believe the Skype

Hi everyone, just a bit of clarification on the Skype issue. Nija and I pay AUS$5/month for 4000 minutes (66.67 hours) of Skype talk over our cellphone. For that $5 we also get some mobile internet access and other fancy features. I wanted to point out that our Skype use is not unlimited and not free for us (when we do it over the cellphone) but it is horrendously cheap and, since we pay a fixed price for a fixed amount of minutes, the more minutes we use, the better. We can't possibly talk for 66.67 hours a month (ie 2 hours a day) but, if we did, our cellphone Skype service would cost a mere 0.125 cents per minute. But again, we also get other features for that five bucks, so actually the Skype is even cheaper.

And just like you, if we use the computer version of Skype, it's free free free.

So my point is and was: don't hesitate to call us anytime, especially if it's with Skype!

All our love,

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