16 July 2008

RIP Jim Gordon

Good evening from SYD!

We've had a great day--got a lot of stuff done. Mostly errands, but it felt really good. Why does accumulating possessions make you feel like you're building a home for yourself?

A certain killer designer (and teacher of mine) once told me about some other designer (who is really well-known in the skate-culture design world) who ended up at the age of 35 feeling like he never grew up because he had no decent possessions and no roots due to years of following skate culture. Why do we need our stuff to show our age?

Ah, well...existential questions later, I suppose.

1. started building the IKEA furniture--awesome.
2. got electrician to fix the stove, which was a Pyrrhic victory: it turns out it wasn't really broken, we just didn't know how to work it. He replaced a valve anyway, but I think he was just trying to make us not feel like idiots.
3. figured out that our water heater is spewing massive amounts of steaming hot water under our back porch. Awesome for the electric bill. Hopefully we'll get that sorted soon.
4. got a space heater and a cheap quilt!

And oh yeah. We just saw The Dark Knight. hahahahaha!


  1. DON'T TEMPT ME WITH A 'hahahaha!'

    I need answers dammit. ANSWERS!

    So do the toilets really flush the other way?


  2. Hey lem,

    Most of the toilets here don't really flush "the other way," but rather just...another way. They seem to shoot water from the front of the bowl toward the back, making it nearly impossible to witness the directionality of the swirl.

    On the issue of toilets, though, is the interesting fact that all toilets here have two "flush" buttons: one for a half flush, and one for a full flush. Fascinating, eh?

  3. say it ain't so, my entire 8th grade science fair project couldn't have been for naught!