25 July 2008

I love the whole world, too.

Thanks to the lovely and brilliant Judith, for sending me this amazing video. It's a Discovery Channel ad, and you all know I'm not usually the sort who gushes over advertisements. Especially when those advertisements are for TV channels.

But this one made me cry. It made me joyous that I'm here, and broken-hearted to be so far away.

A few people have asked, so for those of you that wish to show (in parcel form) how much you love us:

Craig and/or Nija
643 Elizabeth St.
Waterloo NSW 2017

Craig and I miss you all, and we love you. As well as, of course, the whole wide world.

Thanks, Judith.


  1. I love that! I haven't heard that tune (and "boom-dee-a-dah") since I was a Girl Scout at camp!

    Are you posting photos on flickr, or anywhere like that?

    (from Emma's mom)

  2. We are posting photos on Picasa. We tried flickr, but they wanted to charge us money, so we decided free was the way to go...

    here they are...

    Or you can view them by clicking on the fancy new slideshow I just added to the right-hand side of the blog!