03 July 2008

The first few...

Ok, so we haven't had the easiest first days here in the SYD, but we have managed to click a few things that might interest you. Ah, but the good news first, right? We may have gotten a studio right in Newtown, for a reasonable price. It's not the biggest joint, but we'd have our own closet-sized kitchen and our own closet-sized bathroom. It's what IKEA was made for. There was an open inspection yesterday and there was only one other person looking at the place. Cross your fingers right now!!

And let the pics begin:

Our first sighting of public art. This does not bode well...

They told us Australia was big. We were not prepared. These are native Australian lilies; these are flowers we grow in pots, fellow Americans.

When the stalks are still small and young, i.e. the girth of, say, an average human's arm, you can boil them up and make a cake. You know-- lily cake.

And of course, the requisite pictures of the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. Oh, like a great intake of breath, the Opera House; and yes, I know I've just contradicted myself. Give me a break, I've been upside down for 6 days now!

We just learned they show movies in the Opera House sometimes, so we might actually go inside it!

And finally, here is what we found in Newtown. This is how we knew it was home. Click on the picture and see all the details. It's beautiful. They've even made a map of the cool independent shops in Newtown--it's toward the right, on the cardgirl. Stenciltastic, friends.

And that's pretty much the whole of it for now. We're starting a flickr group to show you all the photos from Gentleman Jesse's last shows, from our goodbye party, and our last few days. We love you all.

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  1. Hey y'all. I am, believe it or not, Emma's mother. We've heard a lot of good things about you two, and she was very eager to check out your blog, so I asked her to leave it up so I could read it too.

    More later...