10 July 2008

Endless Opportunities for A2S Content

Hey everyone,
Just two quick note for all our friends & family: we now have two new ways to enjoy atlanta to sydney content, i.e. talking to us or looking at our pictures.

ITEM THE FIRST: We now have a fancy-as-hell phone that lets us talk on Skype(tm) even when we're not in front of the computer. If you want to get in touch with us via Skype(tm), then click on the link to go get yourself an account and let us know what your name is and we'll do the same for you. In case you don't know, Skype(tm) is a free service that lets you make free "phone" calls over the internet, even from, say, the US to Australia. Also, if you're interested in what our new phone number is (mine or Nija's) then drop us a line. Those Skype calls, by the way, are not free for us, but they can cost us as little as .125 cents(AUS)/minute, assuming we use all 4000 minutes of our Skype time a month. Of course, when we use the computer to talk on Skype, it's free, but we don't have a headset as of yet. So either way, get crackin'!

ITEM THE NUMBER TWO: We started putting our photos up on Picasa(tm). We know that some of its features aren't as advanced as those boasted by, say, the flickrs of the world, but we have essentially limitless space on Picasa(tm) and it supports easy-as-pie uploads directly from iPhoto. If you don't care what we use to show you pretty pictures of the Sydney Opera House, et al, then shimmy on over to Picasa(tm). Otherwise, consult your conscience and get back to us.

We hope you're all doing well and look forward to hearing from you. All our love.



  1. Cute blog guys! I was managing not to miss you all so much until I read the blog. Damn. Your personalities really come through.

    Argentina is going nuts over this farm bill at the moment, y'all would love it. The farmers are planning a march three hundred thousand strong. I think they'll need a million to make US news.

    I know exactly what you mean about Oz being just different enough to be painful, I remember thinking exactly the same thing.....

    I think I have now exceeded the appropriate length for a blog comment.


  2. By "managing to not miss you all so much" I meant I was able to think about y'all without feeling a hole in my chest.....Until I read the blog.