28 July 2008

Bateux Jouets! French for Boy Toats!

The National Maritime Museum in Sydney is holding a free exhibition of vintage French and German Toy Boats; Craig and I went to it yesterday. It was so cool to see all these tiny boats that actually floated and (amazingly) went all on their own, using a rubber band, steam, or wet battery for power. Some of these were just little wooden boats with little sails, but some were 2 ft. long and made of sheet metal. They have hardwood decks, guns that actually shoot blanks, life rafts, torpedoes that can actually be shot off! It's amazing to see the skill that went into making these boats on such a miniature scale, especially when you consider these were mass-produced toys. Well, they were produced in artisan factories, but still. Large scale production of incredible craftsmanship.

We had a blast. Craig looks pouty, but it's just because I made him sit in the girl's spot.

We didn't get to see much of the Maritime Museum's regular collection, but we'll definitely go back, because what we did see...was awesome.

Example: some crazy Australian traveled over something like 3 continents on a bike and in a boat. When he was on land, he rode the bike with the boat attached. Coolest vehicle ever.

The Australians are really proud of their contribution to the World Wars, and considering they were so far away from danger, it really is amazing they went at all. Oh, right, sure they were under the crown and were required by the monarchy to serve. And then the monarchy pretty much ditched them with no support whatsoever when the Japanese tried to attack Australia. Which led to them becoming their own damn country, thank you.

Where was I? Right, they are very proud of their contribution, so there are lots of memorials to the ANZAC brigade; the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. The ANZAC memorial, pictured below, is in the beautiful Hyde Park. Also, the bridge behind Craig in the post about Glebe is the ANZAC bridge. It flies the Australian flag at one end and the New Zealand flag at the other, and it's the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world! Of course, there are also the inimitable ANZAC biscuits–delicious, oatie, wattle-seeded cookies. What's wattle seed, you ask? I'm so glad. Why, they are seeds that lend the biscuits "the unique flavour of the Australian bush." Lovely.

The ANZAC memorial:

The ANZAC bridge:

I finally got around to taking some pictures of our place today; I know you're excited.

Our bedroom is pretty big, and it gets really bright in the daytime

We have two wardrobes, with plenty of storage space on top. The ceiling is really nice and high.

This space is going to be a shared office for me, Craig and our housemate. We're working on it...

Behind this stuff is where Sarah has partitioned her room, but she hasn't let us see it yet, because she's straightening up.

This is our living area downstairs

And our eating area

This is our kitchen

Sarah is crazy for Post-It notes, but it's a far nicer kitchen than anywhere else we've seen in our budget.

That's the tour for now; if you want to see anything in detail, you gotta come down under!!


  1. Well, actually, it's what they call a "kind single" here. Which is to say, it's only slightly bigger than a twin bed. Honestly, since it's winter here and we don't have a heater, it's been lovely so far. But we'll need a bigger one come summer; hopefully by then I'll have a job, and Craig will be tutoring, so we'll have a little extra scratch. We just can't afford anything we don't absolutely need right now.

    Also, we can't buy just any old bed off craigslist, because a bigger one in that room would mean we couldn't open our wardrobes. So we're going to have to buy a loft bed from IKEA, maximize our usable footspace. Also, that way I can pretend I'm at camp. Cuz I never got to go to camp.

    I mean, you know, I'm like that bad girl at camp who let a boy in her bed.

  2. Today's reason you are glad you left the lower 48: You got a Jury Summons in the mail, haha

  3. why buy a loft? krg can sleep on top of the wardrobes...shirtless of course

  4. Oh, crap. Mail it to my parents, please. Do they have any info on it saying what to do if I can't make it?

    As per your other comment...I'll make sure to get you some shirtless pictures of Craig; I know you miss that shining white sight.

  5. do you want me to open it and handle it or mail it to your parents?