18 August 2008


This weekend, we decided to get our cheap on, hitting two (count 'em!) two garage sales. It was the first time I've ever done any serious yardsaling without a car, and I hope to never lie to you, dear readers, so I will say this particular car-free adventure did present some challenges. Imagine, for your pleasure, your favorite Sydneysiders carrying a picnic table and bench on our backs for several blocks. Then imagine us going to a second sale and walking back home again, this time with an office chair, a bag full of lampshades, and two trees. Haha! Delightful. It took us about six hours to get out of our neighborhood. I think I hurt myself. Anyway, our back patio is finally starting to shape up, but Craig still insists I call these "during" pictures.

The glorious picnic table:

Alvin posing with our beautiful compost bin:

Our two new trees: they are baby versions of the trees I mentioned earlier on the blog and are called Frangipani!

Our patio might be getting swank, but don't worry. We still keep it real – ATL-style – with our treacherous back steps:

For a closer look at our place, check us out on the ever-controversial Google Streetview!

Right! And while you're doing the bizarre things that Google has brought into our lives, check out the sofa that is (mysteriously) on our roof on Google Earth. It's baffling. We don't know how it got there or why. Craig tried to scramble up the wall onto our roof and only managed to bust his knee, so this might be definitive and long-awaited proof of alien existence.

Just a quick Home and Garden update for you today, dear readers. But watch out for tomorrow– Dinky on the town and Craig has a Golden Gaytime!!


  1. I'm so glad Craig has some dirt! Lemme know if Elizabeth steals your compost bin...

  2. Hey NIJA!!!!!!! I miss you and KRG. Well i'm sitting in class waiting to do it right this time. I love what you are doing with the yard over in the AUS. I really want to come visit you but i have no money so once i get into my new apartment (sept. 6) i will be able to spend some money and first break from school i'm there!! I would like to come for like 3 days or so, so i can get to know your new home ya know. Anyway i'll keep you informed. Love ya! Tell Craig he looks sexy in a dress/skirt/fluffy thing/i have no idea what that was.

    Oh! and thanks for the suggestion of 100 Years of Solitude i don't think i have ever had as much fun reading a book.

  3. We're pretty glad Craig has dirt, too. He loves getting his hands really dirty and watching stuff sprout. Sometimes what sprouts isn't quite what he planted, but it's still pretty exciting. I'm sure Elizabeth wouldn't even be able to lift our compost bin; it's huge. The picture doesn't do it justice. We love you, Allen!

  4. Christopher!!

    Where the hell have you been, child?? Craig and I really miss you too, but I'm glad to hear you're hitting the ground running with school. You absolutely have to visit for longer than three days, and that goes for anyone who reads this blog. Three days is bullshit. Three days is spitting in our face. We must have at least a week.

    Craig says he'll respond to your compliment on his dress tonight??! I don't know what you two are up to, Kemeza, but you need to find your own statuesque very white guy.

    And I'm thrilled to hear you're enjoying the book, friend. I knew you'd dig it. And if you find a picture of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you'll know why we named our beloved black-and-white cat after him.