23 August 2008

Jeremy Conquers the World

Well, friends, the game has ended, the votes have been cast, and there is a clear winner. With 60% of the vote, our pal Jeremy Varner has emerged victorious from the Name the Blog Challenge with his Risk(TM)-themed entry "Two Extra Armies Each Turn!" Way to go, Jeremy! For winning the Challenge, Jeremy will receive an astounding prize package valued at over AU$UNSPECIFIED AMOUNT (taxable)! And as per the premise of the contest, the name of the blog has been changed, as you can see. Perhaps we'll even change the layout soon to reflect the New World Order. I also move that we change the calendar in deference to the Victorious Emperor. Let Year 1, Annus Varnerus commence! (Katie, you poor thing. There'll be no living with him after this...)

Congratulations are also due to the dark horse candidate, Jon Wexler, whose suggestion "From the Bottom Up" came in second. Jon will receive a year's supply of Australia's favorite dessert biscuit, Arnott's Original Chocolate Tim Tams (taxable in NJ)!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted. And please, if your favorite didn't win, don't start a "shadow blog". We just don't have the resources to crush that sort of insurgency right now.

More to come soon, folks, including my New Bike Dork-Out (photos galore)!


  1. I think I will just crown myself emperor.


  3. Haha!

    Jeremy have you found a crown yet? If not, I have sourced a particularly striking hat that might be perfect--

    Features include (1) a taxidermy squirrel on top (2) wearing its own dashing cap and (3) an inordinate amount of acorns. Let me know if you want it!

    I'm dying of laughter imagining Jeremy in this...erm, regal attire. Really this whole thing was just to make me laugh. I have no idea where to find such a hat. They don't even have squirrels here! It would have to be a bandicoot or something.

    Oh, and Christopher--don't worry. I don't think we can actually afford to give Jon a lifetime supply of TimTams. Yet another case of an immensely popular blog (more than 3 readers!) overestimating its own power to get donated cookies. Sad to say, it happens all the time...

  4. got your letter, cried and felt sorry for myself, read it again, cheered me up. I will spend labor day laboring to write an appropriate response. You just go ahead and call that cat allen.....
    love love love love

  5. Oh, Allenwallen. I must say, part of me is glad that letter broke through your hard-edged, Jesus-joke, Decatur hardware store exterior. But a bigger part of me just wants you to know how much we miss you. Seriously. I have not yet heard a single wildly inappropriate joke prefaced with your classic, "ok, this is inappropriate, you ready?"

    And Craig misses you so much, it's weird. He hasn't taken off his shirt in weeks. He's like, "What's the point without Allen around?"