20 August 2008

I work at the Apple Store!

heehee. I'll post more pictures of my idyllic workplace soon.

And there's even more exciting news--Craig finally got himself a new bikey! It cost about as much as our first week's hotel bill, but it's well worth it. He's already started zipping about town...look how proud he is posing with his brand new set o' wheels.

I'm not entirely sure why our flatmate's guitar and a fake flower got featured as well, but try to fix your attention on the shiny blue fixed-gear in front of those pale white legs. It's beautiful, and Craig's very happy these days...


  1. That's my bike helmet on my head, not a new Aussie haircut or piece of traditional headwear. I just don't want the rumors to get out of control.

  2. Craig you have dashed my hopes to see you with a sweet aussie haircut. *sigh* Anyway, go Gonerfest!

  3. Yeah, sorry, Lem. You'd think I would get a new 'do what with Deathcab playing at the Enmore Theater across from Nija's workplace (see photo of apples) but it's just not in the cards.