09 August 2008

6 years later, he's trying on dresses...

Wish us a happy anniversary, friends; Craig and I are celebrating six whole years together! It was a beautiful warm Saturday here, and we decided to walk about and see what we could see.

Bourke St. in Surry Hills is not only a hip, gorgeous street with tons of greenspace and cute boutiques, but also has one of Sydney's architectural marvels. I hadn't seen much on Bourke St yet, so we headed that way. After looking at some boutiques, we found the Object Gallery, one of Sydney's high modernist beauties.

The split-level Gallery is entirely inside the upper enclosed part of the building, which floats above a glass-covered florist. The colored glass panels to the right are a walkway leading into the main gallery.

Sydney is currently showcasing tons of amazing design work in various galleries and museums, all part of Sydney Design 08. Check out the website. The Object Gallery is exhibiting some cutting-edge fashion design, and when I say cutting-edge, I mean these fashion designers aren't even making clothes. They're making artistic reference to clothes. They already know how to make cool clothes, and they're beyond that low endeavor. No, it's no longer interesting for them to be bound by the limits of what someone could actually wear. They want to develop new clothing systems, from reclaimed material like Tyvek. They want to examine the intersection between fashion and sex, by attaching a collar to a large flat piece of phallic-shaped fabric. They are, possibly, making high art sculpture out of fabric. I say possibly because I don't really understand what they are doing. I don't think I know enough about fashion design, and maybe Karen can explain this to me one day.

Regardless, we had a blast, because a large part of the exhibition was designed to be interactive, i.e. we got to try on these crazy sculpture-clothes. We pulled out our best Blue Steels and rocked it, Zoolander-style. I think I might have even turned left.

This is Craig wearing a curtain-dress. Isn't he statuesque? At the very least, he's a really good sport, as many of you know. Now he just has to figure out how to shake his Bollywood badonkadonk with this giant frame on him. Someone make Ashumi and Marshall read this, please.

Now, I'm not as tall or, let's face it, fierce as Craig, but I also did my best to make Tyra proud.

This is some kind of new clothing system called "The Envelope." It can be a dress, or a skirt, or a poofy top, or a cloak. I think. Again, we're not entirely sure. They were a touch uncomfortable, but then Craig took them to the next level. This is how you can tell that he's got talent, folks. He always does the unexpected. He's not afraid to get in your face and do something that looks really weird. I think it's his best shot this season.

Yeah, he's definitely still in the running to possibly become Sydney's Next Top...weird white guy wearing a dress.

For the Project Runway fans out there, I know I've missed some golden joke opportunities; forgive me, I've never seen the show. Feel free to post some referential humour.

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