06 September 2008

Rainy Saturday, Need Coffee.

Blugh! That's how Sydney looked this morning, as it did yesterday morning. It's been a long while since I've seen two straight days of literally non-stop rain, and let me tell you, it's not pleasant. Like Atlanta, Sydney needs rain, but also like Atlanta, there's a point of saturation where the ecosystem actually doesn't benefit from any additional rain, and I think we reached it last night. I tried to get a jump on Spring yesterday morning and seeded some tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini, but I think my poor seeds are drowning. I had two bok choy sprouts coming up yesterday that aren't looking very happy right now. I don't really have anywhere to keep them that's not exposed to the elements, so cross your fingers for my tiny little ones. Speaking of which, we were supposed to go to a free class on no-dig gardening put on by the Sydney Watershed this morning, but given the fact that we already got drenched last night coming home from the movies, I couldn't bear to tear myself out of bed for a reprise. Besides, I've been feeling a slight cold coming on so I figured the workshop could wait for a sunnier Saturday.

Nija's responding naturally to this blight of dreariness by staying cuddled up beneath the doona. I don't blame her. SBS is playing French news, there's no coffee in the house, and we're fresh out of unwatched DVDs. What are we gonna do!?!? I even forgot to buy baking powder to make biscuits*. Ho-hum.

Last night we finally went to see Persepolis at the Dendy and it was even more brilliant than I had hoped! It reminded me of how much I miss Amy, though, and how little we got to see her even when we were in the US.

Well, Nija's up. Maybe that sun will come out after all.

*No, not cookies, dammit. Biscuits! Nija had a hard time explaining what a biscuit is to her co-worker Dave and it made us realize we needed to make actual Southern-style biscuits.


  1. Don't feel all that sorry for us, though...we're a resourceful duo! That might be our superhero name. Anyway, the sun's still not out, but we've made some lemonade-- Craig put together one of the best tofu scrambles I've ever had in my life! Broccoli, peppers, onions, tofu, and a handful of delicious. We also hit the library for some free DVDs, so we've managed a pretty warm day in.

  2. "i don't feel sorry for you," said the girl who's looking forward to LA in november. (yes, i will be the crazy ex-pat on the beach in san mo, in my board shorts and bikini top, blissfully unaware that, yes, to some, this is *winter*.)

    i am also jealous of the lovely scramble. i have perfected the chocolate chip cookies from the big yellow cookbook (which i love like a daughter who knows more than i do). they're becoming famous in belfast. people hadn't really done the cookie thing much. it's that whole biscuit conundrum. let me know if you can get the buttermilk kind to take off down under.

  3. i may or may not have just read this, only two months late, but for the record, i miss you twos!