14 September 2008

City of the Amazing Sky

To make up for last weekend's drearyness, Sydney showered us with sunshine on Saturday. You were quite right not to feel sorry for us, Miss Fancypants Dedakis; we were feeling far too sorry for ourselves. But this weekend has more than redeemed us.

Saturday was brilliant, glimmering with heat, sparkling with breezes, and gorgeous. Craig and I chose to remind ourselves that we live in a beach town. After a late picnic breakfast (of tofu scramble, coffee, and apples...so perfect) in Redfern Park, we hopped a bus for the coast. It took about twenty minutes before we were at Coogee, and Craig resumed his ancestral jig in the Tasman Sea.

The water was ridiculously cold, but it didn't stop tons of Sydneysiders from getting their feet wet. I even took off my hat! You can tell it was hot because you can see my hair. Even though the water was cold, it felt really good to be outside and enjoying it. I lie down on the sand with an odd pile of sand digging into my back, and I wondered at the ability of sand to be rock hard and completely malleable at the same time. I was once again struck by the idea that some people grow up going to the beach all the time. What a marvelously different childhood. Those people have already dealt with the strangeness of sand. They would be totally nonplussed by my wonder.

That amount of sun completely wore us out, and Saturday night was spent watching Mythbusters, a documentary about Nick Cave, and a Danish TV show generally in the line of Bridget Jones called "Nynne." SBS is outstanding. I feel so lucky to be able to go to the beach just for a few hours.

On Sunday, we intended to go to the Brett Whiteley studio, the preserved home and exhibition space of a famous Surry Hills artist. We woke up to the dreaded sounds of rain, why is the rain always trying to destroy my weekend, why is the rum always gone??

Figuring the day was shot, we made pancakes (which is to say, Craig made pancakes) but by the time pancakes were ready, it had stopped raining and was bright enough to enjoy breakfast on our patio. Surely, the rain was over, and we'd be fine to head out to the studio.

Of course, it began pouring buckets the second we left the house. Ugh. So we stayed in and watched Sanjuro, a brilliant Kurosawa samurai flick. Mifune rules. The interesting thing about not having a car is how dependant you become on weather. In Atlanta, the most rain I actually had to deal with was between the house and the car, between the car and a building. If I needed to go do something, the rain could rarely stop me; I had an airtight box. But here the rain completely changes what I can/am willing to do in a day. The risk of ending up soaked for hours is enough to keep me in, because it is a very real risk without a car.

Late afternoon showed some grace, finally a gap in the rain long enough for us to stroll up to Moore Park.

And there we found the amazing sky.


  1. So it may be that it is 6:52a.m. here and i have food poisoning (depressing story) but does this mean that you are looking at the sky from the under side? or since the atmosphere is round are you simply just looking at it? I don't know i'm sick and i think i have become delirious.

  2. Oh, Christopher. I hope you feel better soon, darling. I think we're looking at the sky that covers the Southern hemisphere, whereas you're looking at the Northern hemisphere's sky. That's why I can't find the North Star here. But from my perspective, it does feel like I'm just looking up at the sky, just like I used to back home.

    If this answer didn't make any sense, I'm afraid I have to say it's because your question was just...a touch delirious. If it makes you feel any better, I'm impressed you spelled it right in your stupor.

  3. oh nija you really know me too well, i had at first spelled it delerious. an for shoots and giggles i tried it with an i. I was going to put that but decided to make myself look better, you caught me. I am now going to return to sleep. Hope you two are having fun looking and the 'under side' of the sky.

  4. FUCK, I missed pancake genetalia?!?! Woe is friggin me. It's getting harder and harder for me to deny the fact that y'all are gone. Talking about Craig's cooking totally burst my bubble. So remeber the 3 grand you owe me, just send me a plane ticket to Sydney and we'll call it even...

  5. Whoa...dude...I just posted tomorrow morning. Trippy, good to know it'll be a productive day

  6. Allen, the pancakes weren't the same without you, and sometimes I wonder why I even bother making coffee if you're not around to enjoy some. Sigh. We'd buy you that plane ticket but we just got a letter saying we had to loan 5 grand to Bank of America or our passports would be destroyed. Bummer.

  7. don't lose heart my friend, I'm making a pot right now...French Press or Die!!!