28 September 2008

Holy CRAP, what is that...?

We came home one night this week to find this ginormous spider scrambling around our walls. New competition: find out what kind of spider this is in our house, and if it's going to kill us. If it kills us before you figure out what it is, you lose. It's the size of my palm and it scurries fast! Big, ugly, fast, creepy crawly. Any arachnid lovers out there? Come and get it.

In less frightful and cheerier news, I finally took some more pictures of my workplace, the good ship Alfalfa! I didn't want to just show you idyllic pictures of fruit and vegetable and bread; that would just be rude. I needed a new perspective.

Fridays at Alfalfa House are always fun and weird and cheerful. One of two Daves is almost always working, and they are both delightfully goofy in very different ways. Most of the big deliveries have already been sorted for the week, so we can let loose. You know the feeling This Friday was different. It had all the charm of a normal Friday, but we got two (TWO) pallets of toilet paper. Our shop is tiny. Where the hell are we going to put even one pallet?

It took Dave Tilley's love of heights, but here you are. Alfalfa from above:

And Dave Tilley from below. Can you believe he's just standing up there?

That's all for now, though there is much in the hopper, dear readers. And, please, figure out what that spider is for us.


  1. That is terrifying. The only thing more terrifying, is trying to find out what it is because spiders are DAMN scary.

    BUT! I believe its a brown huntsman spider.

    See link:


  2. DAMN!!! You got there before me! I wish i had checked the blog before class, i could have won. Yea according to my ZooBooks they are not dangerous, but apparently have been known to bite (apparently it hurts, so don't touch it) and actually it says something about keeping it around if you can stand it. They (like most spiders) eat insects that might try to invade your house that you really don't want there. So you should probably give it a name and try to make him/her (although it looks to be male from my pictures) feel at home. So there you go the whole 3rd grade level book article for you, i don't know who you are "I" but touché my friend.

  3. nnnaawwwww, I'm pretty sure its that new Stephen Colbert spider...still no cable?

  4. Good thing you have that bite kit.

  5. I have never seen a huntsman that huge- that is wicked big!!!! I do not envy you catching that thing- those mofos are FAST.