05 September 2009

Lemonade Springtime

It's been a minute since that last post-- apologies, my friends. Craig and I have been incredibly busy; he's found a community garden that is practically in our back yard. He got a big beautiful plot, and he's super-excited about it. It came with several arugula plants (gross!) and even more beetroot plants (grosser!)

At first, his plot was all untended and sloppy. Like so:

But after loads of hard work, it's tidy and pretty and dark and attractive. He's also gone seed-crazy.

I've been busy, too. See, last month, lemonade season started. Those of you reading this in the US, you have no idea. This is a citrus fruit that tastes like a lemon, but it's sweet enough to eat like an orange. They're big and round, not ovoid, and they taste remarkably like lemonade. Which makes the name seem rather obvious, but lots of fruits have unimaginative names. Like oranges. Lots of people love oranges. Don't judge a fruit by its boring name.

Anyway, lemonade season started, and it is super short. I didn't get enough lemonades last year, I don't think I could get enough lemonades in my whole life, and I wanted to get as many lemonades as I could this year.

So I bought 16 kilos. Seriously, I bought a bulk box of lemonades, and for the last two weeks, I've been eating lemonades almost non-stop. I've still got half the box left.

Get over here soon and help me eat these delicious suckers. And check out our new neat neighbourhood. We're a 5-minute walk from Erskineville (lovingly called Erko by berserko locals), and it's a lovely walk. There's a bridge going over railway tracks, and you can see the Sydney skyline past the tangled tracks and winding wires cross-hatching the foreground.

Not only does Erko have a beautiful view, it's also home to the best new bar in the city: The Hive. Check out how cute it is, a killer cornershop with booze, espresso and wasabi peas.

They've got great microbrews and good pizza; you can even borrow playing cards, boardgames and UNO. UNO! Nanki-- I beat Craig Masa like 12 times today. Doink!

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