21 August 2009

The Melancholic Nausea of Owning a Small Bookcase

It's been a week since the wild week of blog posts-- and a busy week, too. I started a writing course at University of Sydney (just 6 weeks), and I've got two author interviews lined up this week, too! I haven't been able to contribute to Final Draft in awhile, but recently Craig and I were both on Final Draft, getting interviewed about our jointly-owned miniscule bookshelf.

You can listen to us on the podcast here-- Ben did a great job editing it; you would never know we talked for hours over dinner, wine, and a dessert of Koala Nose cookies. Our segment is the last of three on the episode "Gaining Ground," but the first two segments are awesome, as well, so I recommend just listening to the whole show.

Here's a picture of the baby bookshelf. As you can see, it's not even just a bookshelf. Four diminutive milk crates, and all the books I have here don't even fill them! It's also a DVD/CD shelf, guitar rack, magazine organiser, etc. Thinking of my book collection back home, my heart shrivels. My collection here is so young, so fragile. It's a cutting from a favourite, much bigger tree that lives back home, a cutting I'm trying to grow in foreign soil. This new young tree will be affected by its strange surrounds; already four of our volumes are about Australia or by Australians.


  1. Charlie and I each ended up with one or more bookshelves from ole #7 and they are being loved and used and assured everyday that if they are really really good little bookshelves, then one day their little mama and naked papa will come back for them...

  2. "Koala Nose Cookies" are from the Veganomicon, which we recommend you buy if you're interested in vegan cookery, but the recipe is also available online. In either case, their real name is "Smushed-Fig, Anise, and Almond Cookies". Once you make them, though, you'll understand their sobriquet.

  3. ok, i am surely posting a picture of my bookshelf on my blog now. I'm moving this trend forward. By the way i got a new blog. I've decided to keep the wordpress as a portfolio site.