08 September 2009

Media Junkie.

I'm heartbroken. I've just learned Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!, one of my favourite favourite favouritest radio programs is finally visiting Atlanta this December! It would have been a perfect holiday celebration; seeing Peter Sagal, Carl Kasell, maybe even Adam Felber and Mo Rocca. I can't believe I won't be there. But you should go-- they're doing a nationwide fall tour.

I'm trying to do more for Final Draft lately; hopefully you'll see my name on the producers line more often. Anyway, my interview with writer Alex Wheatle about his book The Dirty South aired on Final Draft last week-- you can access the podcast here.

Craig recently got me a copy of The Pepsi Cola Addict, a seriously rare book that has quite the interesting history behind it. I'm very excited to read it. What I've gotten through so far is more OTT than Save Me the Waltz which Zelda wrote from the sanatorium. Do you want to hear something strange? In Australia, the supermarket brand of healthy, all-natural packaged foods is Sanitarium. I know they're not the same word, but really it seems like bad branding anyway.

A few weeks ago, we finally saw Coraline. I think it was released about 15 years ago in the States, but you know...it takes a long time for movies to get over here. I mean, they have to translate it from American into Australian and dub it using union actors and mail each individual reel over here separately by carrier pigeon, and of course, half the pigeons aren't bred for that kind of strength these days. It's understandable. Anyway, I didn't realise until we bought the tickets, the damn movie is in 3D. Argh. We got out of the movie theatre two hours later, and someone had squished my eyeballs like grapes.

I thought it was fantastic, but I look forward to watching it on my normal television. Without special glasses. And after hearing Linnell's song for Coraline, I want the soundtrack. Any of y'all seen it?

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  1. We saw Coraline and thought it was great. I kept my glasses.