14 August 2009

Sydney Provides!

You'll be glad to know Craig and I finally have some extra support...under our butts. After a full month of sitting on the floor to eat dinner every night, we got a lovely couch on Freecycle!

Another cause for celebration: Craig got a guitar! It's a classical one, and he got it used from an auction house (Mitchell Road, Australia's biggest auction house). He's been very happy about it, and our tiny apartment is once again filled with the melodious tones of Craig endlessly tuning his guitar. Bing bing bing bing bong bong bing. It's a pretty guitar, but not that pretty. Yet. I might stencil it with flowers. I don't know what he's so morose about; I think he might be getting tired of me. Or at least, he's getting tired of me taking pictures for the blog. Get used to it, loser!

We've been cooking a lot lately, too. We've been veganyumyum devotees since Thanksgiving, and the recipes keep getting more complex and interesting. We gave the Thyme Vinaigrette and Lemon Cashew Cream Gnocchi a try. I couldn't get my hands on any fresh thyme, so I used basil instead. Also, I used whole wheat flour, but next time I'd probably stick with white bread flour. Regardless, they were delicious and heaps of fun to make. Sure the first batch I threw in the pot came out like soggy potato-mash. But I added extra flour to the second batch, and they came out perfect. Tender, moist, chewy. And warm pasta with vinaigrette and nutty cream? Genius. VeganYumYum's writer, Lauren Ulm, has finally put together a print cookbook. You can pre-order it on Amazon; I'm super excited. You should check it out. Tonight we tried her oatmeal-raisin cookie recipe. I've eaten four already. Oh, Lolo, what would we do without you?

And if you're interested in getting something you need for free or finding a new home and new life for something you're ready to give up, get on the inter-worldwide-super-cyber-webnet-highways and see if there's a Freecycle in your town!

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