06 October 2008

¡Más y más y más aún!

Phew! My cellphone was starting to get heavy with all the pictures I'd been taking and never uploading, so with TV the way it tends to be on Monday nights (after the undeniable, diamond-melting genius of The Mighty Boosh is over, anyway) I decided to do some clearing-out. You'll see a weird mix of stuff on our Picasa page but I assure you it's ALL REAL! From the cat with eerie super-powers to my ascent to the Chairmanship of the Katoomba Communist Party (Maoist), things are absolutely devilish here down under.

I also posted some chintzy videos to my YouTube page of the sort that will likely decorate hotel walls in the not-too-distant future.



  1. America misses you. I think i heard Twain crying when i told him that you weren't going to show up. I'm not gonna lie the IPA wasn't the same without you there. You know random people sitting in the booth next to you don't really seem to want to critique my posters, i don't know why.

  2. Christopher! You can't expect random respectable people at Twain's to critique your work! Look at it from their perspective...they're just enjoying a pint after a long day, and here comes a drunken mumbling (albeit slightly handsome) young man in cargo shorts and with graphite on his hands, showing you his "art." Oh, no. No, no.

    Ask for Joey, though. He's a waiter at Twain's, possibly one of the nicest things ever to come out of Valdosta (barring Tiddle, Joe and Russ, of course). And he's an awesome graphic designer and a welcoming guy, and I'm sure if you told him you're my friend, he'd look at your work. Tell him I say hi!