11 October 2008

The Coat of Arms, as hand-dryer

I knew that hand-dryer would cause some kind of controversy. Thank you, Christopher, for noticing that the emu has no hands to dry...starts looking even more suspicious, doesn't it? Turns out it's a reference to the Australian coat of arms, an equally bizarre piece of graphic imagery. See how the kangaroo is holding up the shield with his hands, while the emu is holding it up with...his neck??!

Clearly, something strange is going on here.

But, more to the point, are you showing this blog to people in your illustration class? And, honestly, I love the indignant tone you're taking when you write about "how horrible some of the people in my classes are, they actually talk back to the teacher!" This coming from the student who once called the inimitable, the wonderful, the kind and thoughtful Mr. GB a "douchebag." To his face. In a critique.


And, Craig, let's be serious for a moment. Do you really think the emus will ever be able to take control with no hands? How are they going to organize their armed uprising? Guns aren't made for wings, Craig. Guns aren't made for wings. They'd have to develop some other new wing-based gun design, which is ridiculous, because the kangaroo lobby owns the gun manufacturers world over. They got that mess on lockdown. And everyone knows kangaroos are nature's boxing champions. I think the CHE corporation is actually showing how wrong the world would be if the mighty kangaroo were subservient to the handless emu. I'll side with the 'roos anyday, just give me some boxing gloves. Though, I'll admit, the emu can be a majestic bird. And they do make a fine nest.

Let's end the madness. We here at "Two Extra Armies Each Turn!" would like to suggest a new official seal:

haha! Found on Redfern Lane, right on our block. Genius walks among us. It walks among us.

News on the home front: I just learned that my adorable and amazing niece calls the country I now live in "Extralia." Oustanding. Thought you'd get a kick out of that one, dear readers.

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  1. ...i still maintain that i did not say that to his face, rather in it's direction. I believe it was more like your ACTING like a... Speaking of that i talk to mister GB the other day. I was asking him about some poster stuff and wrote this big long descriptive letter about how i was worried about where the typography was going and how i wasn't too sure on color and placement and was asking for any suggestions as to where i should go next with the type...to which he replied:

    "looks good, you need a color that stands out more.


    Gregg B*******n | madebygregg.com"