04 October 2008

Craig loves Dante.

We spent a day in Leichhardt last weekend, an Italian neighbourhood that boasts the best pizza in town. We were not disappointed. Oh, no, we were not. We found some delicious, amazing, perfect (slightly pricey) pizza. We found amazing coffee. We found Dante.

Fittingly, a town with a fountain of Dante was holding a huge used book fair. I got some great old graphic design books, the kind with step-by-step instructions of completely obsolete processes. Awesome. Photo Type Setting.

It's a bit of a double-edged sword, though; we have doubled our book collection in the last week. We are shameful hoarders of books. It's getting out of control; I mean, we have 6 boxes of books still at my parents' house!


  1. wow that sounds awesome! First, the business part, Craig that is a mighty beard my friend; however, i feel bad to tell you that i think mine might beat you (since as you know we were both participating in a beard off). I've included a link to my blog where you can see the forest that i am growing on my face in support of the environment, i'm still waiting for Palin and McCain to call me up and tell me that they think there is oil in my face and that they are planing on "drill baby drilling" all over me. Also i've been REALLY excited about some of the work i've been producing this year and i wanted to show you guys. so go check it out. www.kemeza.wordpress.com

    umm i guess that is all i have to say hopefully see you guys soon

  2. yea sorry bout that i was in the middle deleting some unwanted posts and accidentally turn it off. Its up