18 February 2013

Moving Day!

Moving to the big, cold sharehouse in Thomas Telford Basin last year was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Though I only knew Natalie when I moved in, I ended up finding a truly good friend in Neil. When the sharehouse finally broke apart, Neil and I decided to keep the party going in our own flat.

Neil introduced me to the awesome new boardgames that have taken over my life. He was there the night that I got home at 9.20pm after a really boring bad date. He put his arm around my shoulders when I found myself embarrassingly terrified at a really stupid teen slasher flick. Okay, well, he made fun of me, at the same time.

A good friend. And he is willing to go ever so far for a good joke.

A costume party themed "Internet" elicited this costume, which we recently unearthed when clearing out the old sharehouse on moving day:

A rickrolling d*** in a box. Seriously. Neil's a fantastic flatmate.

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