08 February 2013

Bedlam & Chaos

Yes, that's right, dear reader.

I have, once again, moved house. It was three weeks of chaos, and not knowing which house to sleep in. My clothes and make-up in one place, my pillow in another. My toothbrush lost to the gremlin of moving.

Instead of a big sprawling terrace house, with a patio on the canal and a quiet communal garden, and sharing a bathroom with 2 other ladies, and a tiny little room-- oh, now I am in a little flat, with a tiny little room, with no balcony, though the living room doors do open to the world. I have my own bathroom now and though the place doesn't really sprawl that well, it's much easier to clean.

Do let me know if you want my new address. Y'all know I love me some post.


Amazing set for the Louis Barrabbas & the Bedlam 6 show. 

Though I've known Louis for ages now, (he was even one of the 3 who stayed up until 7am with me for the election!) I only recently went to a Louis Barrabbas & the Bedlam Six concert. 

Louis is one of your classic go-getters. He sees something that he wants, let's say, a living as a musician, but knows that it's hard to get, because of, you know, record labels, and then he just decides to build his own damn label and make it awesome, because he can.

Debt Records are a cooperative, and one of the coolest things about it is that their artist contracts include a stipulation that the artists must be open to collaborative projects with other artists. Which leads to fantastic songs like this one. I haven't been able to stop listening to this song for about 2 weeks...

Their business model and the show I went to is detailed in this article. It was an amazing show. Louis came out swinging on a rope, and as it was his birthday, he had a pirate-themed cake at the afterparty! My new friend Rebecca & I danced and had an awesome time, and the next day, I bought every Louis Barabbas record I could. You should check them out.

Just a quick historical side note, for those of you who might be interested: The concert was at the Manchester Dancehouse, which was once the Regal Cinema. The Regal Cinema is where Alan Turing picked up the boy who was to be his undoing. 

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