19 March 2011

Stretching the Legs of Democracy

Seems like everyone's at the polls these days: Egyptians tomorrow, Australians next week. If you're an American, though, or a Briton, or someone equally unfortunate, you might be depressed that election season is far off and are walking around voting on things of no consequence just to fill the gaping lever-pulling or card-punching chasm in your life.

Well never fear, you strange person you, we'll scratch that itch. Here at Two Extra Armies Each Turn, we have realised that our name is getting stale (no offense, Stefan) and, frankly, a little irrelevant. One of us no longer lives in the nation that inspired the name (see RISK if you're perplexed) and, sadly, the other one probably won't for much longer either.

So we've initiated a new naming contest, just like we did in the early days of the blog.

Suggestions have been sent in from all over the planet, spurred by the announcement of a Great Grand Prize involving something to the effect of lodging and snacks in your choice of either a state (SYD) or cultural (MCR) capital. 'Ooh-la-la', did I hear you say? Darn right, Frenchie. We even appealed to our friendly local (Aus/NZ) cricket tragics for an Ashes-inspired name, but it just turned into a wanton England-bashing session.

Please see the poll on the side of the page and vote vote vote! Here's the fine print:
We've done the dictatorial dirty work and liquidated the opposition to our three favourites. You will be garroted for wondering about their fate, as they threatened the stability of our blog. One candidate is clearly endorsed by the current government. The poll is open until 1 April 2011 at some strange time early in the morning. Vote early, vote often. Dictators reserve the right to do whatever they please. End communication.

From Nija:
Bad Pennies (with the subtitle 'They'll come back as soon as they're ready'.)

From Jeremy:
Our Empire Now

and, because it's just so confounding and bizarre,

From Stefan:
Wilhelmina the Conqueror

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