16 March 2011

Cary Elwes, Midget Toe

I love thinking about what Google searches this blog title might end up in.

I got to sleep late last night, because I was at a social with the New Student Writing Society. Worse, I had to be awake at 7am to get to school in time for a project meeting. Naturally, I woke from a dream in the middle of the night, sweating, freaking out. What was my nightmare filled with, you ask? Well, last night was far from the standard fare. No, nothing so simple as that. Last night, I dreamt that Jeremy and Katie were talking to me in tweets. Like "Hey @nijabird, where are we hashtag GoingForDinner tonight?" I'm officially a Twitter Tragic, and I like to think I say somewhat interesting things. But I might be a touch addicted. Don't even care, I love it so much.

Anyway, I've been hanging out with the Writing Society folks for a while, and I very much enjoy their company. Last week, they put on an Open Mic Night. so I thought I'd go along and read some of my old work.

I haven't written anything new in some time, mostly because I'm busy. Mark, I don't want to hear it. Already feeling guilty, just thinking about you. But since no one here's heard any of my old stuff anyway, it still worked. I had a really great night, and I was happy to see some good MCR mates come out. However, some Manchester friends couldn't make it (dweebs), and none of my international friends bothered flying over to see my brilliant performance (wankers), so I had Kim record my reading, just in case you're still interested in hearing how it went!

The whole thing is about 7 minutes long, and apologies for any sound quality problems. It's two stories: The Midget Toe and then I am Poor and Insignificant; Please Don't Sue Me: An Open Letter to Cary Elwes.

Good news: I have since learned that both of these stories were accepted into The Mancunion's Writing Section! The Mancunion is UoM's student newspaper! zang! Will put links up when they're up. As you do.

For your consideration.

Back to today: I had a lovely lunch with a gentleman who does some really excellent radio over here on the BBC. Listen to this, to hear some of his work.
Also today: I found a new cupcake shop in Manchester tonight! Hey Little Cupcake is flipping awesome. I'd heard about a promotion they were doing (free cupcakes and wine!) so I wandered down, thinking even a stale free cupcake is still pretty nice. But these cupcakes were fresh, lovely, and perfect. Delicious and bright and sweet and adorable. I have reason to believe their cupcakes are nut-free (though made in a kitchen that does have nuts), which means I can buy some for the chickens (e.g. my niece and nephew), when they come to visit! Cannot wait. Manchester folks, seriously, get there. NOW. Little Quay St. You have zero excuses.

And today, I was surprised to find, was also new haircut day! I love the new look, all asymmetrical and short. Cheers to Claire at Peter Marcus for giving me the haircut I said I wanted, despite clearly thinking that I was totally insane. She definitely did not agree with my vision, but she did what I asked for, and I love it. I'll be going there again.

 I know, reader, what you're thinking: "My goodness, Nija, you busy busy girl! Awake at 7am, lunch, a new haircut and cupcakes all in one day? However do you manage to do all that and be so... what is the word... awake at this ungodly hour of 11pm?"

I will be honest with you.

I am only barely awake. I might fall asleep mid-post.


  1. pretty hair lady

    and zowie what a day.

  2. I keep hoping I come up with some really witty comment, but I haven't. Hopefully next time you dream about us it will be about something nicer.