07 February 2011

Something Ain't Right.

This past week, Manchester's been hovering around 7 or 8 Celsius. A few weeks ago, it was more like -2 to 0 C. So, I've actually been walking outside lately (in 7 degree weather) and thinking, "Oh, good, it's pretty warm today." Seriously, I've just been wearing a light jacket, a loose scarf, no hat. Fingerless gloves!

Today was also 7-8 degrees, but really windy for most of the morning. When I left school and was walking home from a truly interesting seminar this evening, the wind had died down, so I feeling quite chuffed with the weather. It was dark, so a little cooler, maybe 5 degrees, but not windy.

"Fabulous!" I thought, "Warmish and not windy at all!"

It started sprinkling a bit, as it tends to in Manchester, so I pulled out my umbrella, and still, my thoughts on the weather were along these lines: "Well, sure a little rain, but at least it's warm and not windy! It's not bad at all!"

Then the rain turned to hail, pinging off my umbrella's taut fabric and bouncing around on the street before quickly melting. I thought, happily, "Wow! I can't believe it's hailing, even though it's so warm!"

Hmm. Yes. In Atlanta or Sydney, if it was hailing and I was outdoors, I'm pretty sure I would have been freezing and totally miserable. I would definitely not have been happy to continue walking along with only my cheap umbrella for protection from the elements-- in fact, I can't even imagine how out of joint my nose would have been over being in a situation like this. There's no way I would think 7-8 degree weather was remotely warm.

Something is definitely not right.

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