14 February 2011

A desperate move

To get the ugly pictures of KRG that he keeps posting off the top of the blog, I present you with our current crop of blog title suggestions. Also there's some of my old art at the end. Am I right, reader? We don't need these images that make a handsome Boy Wonder look like a paedo.

We need more! What do YOU want our blog to be called?

From Stefan:
Wilhelmina the Conqueror.

From krg:

How about "South By Northwest"?
That or "Oy, with the poodles already!"
From Jeremy (note from the editor: some of these are a bit long and conceptual. Maybe something related, but punchier.)
1) The idea of you taking over peices of the British Empire since you have lived in or currently live in or are from the UK, US, Australia, and India. It is also a smooth transition from empires and Risk.
"Conquering the British Empire" or "Taking Over the British Empire" or something like that
"The Conquering Conquered" or "The Conquering Subjects"
"The Old Empire is Ours" or "The Old Empire is Our New Home"

2) You are moving into you second stage of the Risk Game and are spreading out
"Who Says You Should Conquer One Continent at a Time? "
"Controling Asia is Hard. We'll Sorround it First!"
"Blue and Purple"
3) Other ones
"We love islands and island like continents"
"We love being surrounded by water"
"He'll power your light and she'll tell you it's impact on society" (note from the editor: See what I mean? That's a snappy title.)

From the Editor:
"Bad Pennies: They'll come back as soon as they're ready." (which would force me to change my email signature as well)
And inspired by Jeremy's ideas and the Season 8 intro to Shameless–the best television show on Channel 4: "This is OUR empire now!"
"Stutter Stammer Stagger." The appeal here is that it's got nothing to do with nothing, which would really open up the remit on my blog posts.

This might be the best drawing I've ever ever done. In that it actually looks something like what I was looking at AND I didn't trace it at all. Why was I looking at something like this? Let me have some mystery, reader.

Just got my tickets for a Billy Bragg show on Saturday 12 March!! In celebration, I present a strange digital collage I made for the RISO machine, but never printed...

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  1. You're right, Nija, I think I'm stuck in a weird Amy Sedaris loop. Thanks for posting lovely stuff here, and awesome news about the BB tickets!

    Go "South by Northwest", Daddy needs a new pair of ice skates!!!