24 December 2010

Hoppy Halidays!

Hi everyone, long-time-no-blabber-at! The crew here at TEAET! want to wish you and those pertaining to you the happiest of holidays and extend our fond thoughts in your direction as the year closes out. There's not necessarily a lot we can do in the way of presents, but perhaps these two musical YouTube nuggets will suffice.

First, evidence that Gentleman Jesse and His Men must have truly hit the big time:

And, if you like The Gregory Brothers, classical Japanese music and the ongoing game of "Spot Craig's Doppelganger," then you'll love this clip:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone. We hope that wherever the season may find you---Wellington, Sydney, Hertford, Atlanta, Manchester, Ponchatoula, Charleston, Braselton, Greenville, Phnom Penh, Belfast, Los Angeles and everywhere in between---you're spending it amidst friends and family and letting all the daily nonsense slide for a little while.

Keep warm (or cool), our friends. We hope to see you soon.


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