06 December 2010

Aren't we courteous?

I've just been looking through pictures on my computer and I found some that I had intended to put on the blog ages ago, but never did. Here I present a scattered remembrance of the past few months.

University of Manchester's Old Quadrangle in autumn. The red-leaved ivy is all dead for winter by now, but it was beautiful in my first few weeks here. A breeze running through the square fluttered through the ivy, and the whole building shivered and glittered.

The Ming Dynasty Chinese Arch at MCR's Chinatown. Apparently it's one of the most ornate in the UK.

Outside the Museum of Science and Industry, which used to be the Liverpool train station. This building is full of old engines, locomotives, and even features underground tunnels. It's a neat-o museum, though it does have its sad neglected areas, just like Sydney's powerhouse.

Fat, sleepy and content owl sculpture at Victoria Park, just down the road from my halls. I know owls are are bit passé now, but this is an especially cute one, no?

Another picture of my residence hall's adorable fat cat, Zorro. Sometimes he's shy.

And I'm really not sure where I took this one-- but I think it's a winner. There's something so passive-aggressive about it, and the cartoon drawings are borderline insulting. Maybe it belongs on a different blog entirely.


  1. Hey, is it just me, or just the picture, or is Zorro turning gray really fast?


    Lovely pics, Niju...

  2. I think it's more to do with my crappy phone camera than Zorro's age! He's black as ever-- it was just a gray day and a junk 'lens.'