16 July 2010

Um, I meant SHAKE SHAKE!

Right now, I'm up in Maryland, near DC visiting family. Specifically, my masi and masa (aunt and uncle), my ba (grandmother), and my cousin Amisha. After an 11-hour drive from the ATL yesterday, we were exhausted and all fell asleep around midnight.

Suddenly at 5am I woke up. For no good reason. My eyes shot open and I didn't know why. It sounded like a train was going by, and the house shook slightly. I'm fairly used to this, because my sister's house is near a track and the upper level shakes every time a train goes by.

Around noon, someone finally got around to reading the newspaper--

There was an earthquake in Maryland this morning at 5am.

3.6 and the epicenter was about 10 miles away from my Suchi Masi's house.

I just lived through my first earthquake! And I didn't even sleep through it!

I know, I get excited by the wrong things sometimes...


  1. nonsense, those are exactly the sort of things worth getting excited about!

  2. Guess you're right--

    Is there something that you're proud of not sleeping through, Allenwallen?