25 July 2010

Got My Visa!

Where are the weeks going? Despite the fact that I've gotten a lot done and seen so many dear friends and family, I feel like I've still got so much to do in Atlanta!

I was very lucky to visit my aunt, uncle, cousin and grandmother last weekend in DC. My cousin Amisha joined the army a few years to help with med school fees, and she is just about to start active duty! She had to go buy a combat uniform-- it even has a special medical patch. She was nervous the whole weekend about saluting properly and making sure she saluted the right people.

I know it's weird to find cuteness in camouflage, but she's my younger cousin, so I think she looks pretty cute in her uniform.

Especially when my Ba is hugging her. Adorable.

I've been driving a lot lately, so I thought I'd show you Southern Hemisphere-types what Atlanta really looks like to me.

This is the entrance to the Krog Street Tunnel. It's Atlanta's best-known illegal art gallery. Graffiti don't last long here, unless it's truly awesome. The FU BP paint has been up since I got to town, so you can tell it's hit a nerve.

Also, there is an abundance of adorable kittens in the Atlanta area these days. My friend Joe Tsambiras, who is a kick-ass drawer (not like a chest of, but more like with a pencil) recently adopted these little munchkins, named Ponyo and Fermina. I held them like babies and they both purred and fell asleep. I think I might be a Cat Whisperer.

And Joe and Judith came home the other day to find a 4-week-old kitten in their recycling box! They named him Wendall, and he's so little, it's exhausting.

Popsicle update: At the EAV Farmers' Market on Tuesday, I had a Watermelon Mojito popsicle, tasted an Avocado and Cream one, and tasted a Canary Melon and  Rose Syrup one. They were all awesome. I don't know what I'm going to do without that market.

Anthropology update: I have approximately 32 books to read. I have only read two so far. 30 left to go!! Argh. Oh, well. At least I got my student visa, right?

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