26 March 2010

Final Draft

I probably forgot to mention this: since the 15th of February, Paul Kildea and I have taken over as senior producers of Final Draft. The previous senior producer had a baby Henry recently, and Ben also decided to move to the only place in the world that is more remote than Australia, so he couldn't continue the show.

Since the middle of February, I've produced three shows. The most recent features an interview with John Pilger! For those readers who are not familiar with Australian journalistic legends, allow me to say only this: John Pilger is an Australian journalistic legend.

I keep forgetting to post my shows on this blog, so I've just embedded the podcast into this post. You can hear all my shows from here; just select the one you want from the list below the image. My shows so far are Cold Case, International Women's Day, and Play the Hand.

And also, the poll is officially closed! You guys overwhelmingly voted for us to continue putting pictures up on Picasa, by about 10-5. Only one of you didn't know what a Picasa was, and if you'll just come forward, we'll be happy to show you.

So, I'm happy to report that Craig is back to work, uploading and commenting on all our pictures!

Thanks for voting! And keep in mind that this blog will soon be moving to the UK with me. Never fear, Craig will continue to be an occasional contributor, mostly posting recipes. But the imminent move will require a name change, and once again, it'll be up to the readers! Start coming up with names, post them in the comments on this blog-- winner gets a free place to stay in their choice of destinations!*

*Destinations are limited to Manchester or Sydney.

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