25 March 2010

Dear Hair Diary, Entry #2

The announcement last week was big, I know. But here I proffer yet another announcement:

I just got my first actual haircut since sometime in 2001. With a shampoo, in a real salon like actual girls go to. No more barbershops for me, at least not for the immediately foreseeable future.

It's called a French bob; I rather like it.

And I also need to update last week's announcement:

Not only will I be visiting Atlanta in June, but dear Craig will be visiting soon thereafter, as well! We hope to see friends and family, and he'll accompany me to England, where we might even try to meet up with his wonderful great-aunt and uncle in East Hertfordshire.

Which reminds me... I'll soon have a copious list of hilarious British names to throw about on this blog. I can hardly wait. Already, just from reading Bill Bryson's Notes from a Small Country, I have these: Porthmadog, Halkirk, Wapping, Bromley-By-Bow, and Hamshades Close.


  1. who is that girlie-girl? I don't know her...

    so glad you'll both be here!!!

    miss you, love you

  2. I know! It's crazy-- I now own hairbands, elastics, barrettes! The hair itself is extra, and then you need all this extra stuff to go with it... I even have a haircomb for the first time in years...

    My word verification is "flapr." I think my haircut justifies that, right?