14 May 2009

Scooped: Baffi and Mo!

My favourite cafe has been open for months, but I still can't find anything about it online. Odd, I know, because Sydney has a ridiculous number of bloggers, foodies, commenters, and oh so many mind-numbing twits posting their stupid tweets about their every boring, useless and tweedious synaptic fire. Twats. They are simply not helpful.

Me, on the other hand. My blog is full of only useful, interesting things. I bring you what the rest of Sydney's blogosphere won't dare.

Baffi and Mo
94 Redfern St.
Redfern, Sydney NSW
(02) 8065 3294

They don't have a website yet...or an email address. That's how they roll. Because they care more about good coffee and delicious food than about their web presence. WTF??!? My Soldesign-trained SEO heart breaks. It breaks, and that is why, dear readers, I tell you about Baffi and Mo.

They make amazing coffee, they use Bonsoy, and they serve artisan Sonoma toast with avocado and roasted tomato and garlic. Their logo is a mustache (awesome!) which they stole from me (hey!) as anyone in Mr. GB's Intro to Graphic Design Spring 2007 class will attest. Ahem.

They have amazing wallpaper. Hand printed by fancypants Sydney printmakers at Chee Soon. The return of the artisan.

And their open kitchen makes the place feel like you're hanging out in your friends' house. The women who run Baffi and Mo are also super friendly and sweet. It's my favourite place to enjoy a weekend morning. If you're in Sydney and reading this-- you should go. If you're not in Sydney-- well, you should be, because I miss you.

Oh, and I don't know what this "follower" thing in the right column is, but you should join, because a certain Mr. Whitepants Soul Avenue did, and look how together he is!

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