27 May 2009


I didn't think I'd find an official australian image funnier than the infamous hand-dryer of Katoomba, but this one is also fairly genius.

See how the eagle is shaking talons with the kangaroo? If the animals can do it, why can't Australia and New Zealand? Please notice the differences presented between America and Australia. The first: Australia's pedestal seems to be made of several ancient-looking coat of arms, whereas America's features a design of relative simplicity, though it is rather derivative, wouldn't you say?
The hilarious: America's motto at the bottom is "E Pluribus Unum," and Australia's motto is "Australia."

It's time for another Monty Python reference: AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA AMEN!

Dear readers, you will be pleased to learn that the boy wonder and I have finally found a new apartment! It's not far from where we currently live, it's a one-bedroom, it's even got a cute balcony. I'm so excited I can't even say. Now, how we're going to manage to move out and be ready to receive my sorely-missed family by Tuesday, I don't know. I'm sure we'll make it.

Craig and I have been feeling a little more at home in Sydney lately; we've found some very cool things to attend. Penguin Plays Ruff is one such event; local writers get up and read out some fictions or non-fictions. It was held in an ultra-hip location: above a convenience store in Newtown. It used an ultra-hip publicity method: Facebook. Even the setup was hip.

Everyone was to sit on the floor, there were red curtains, and one solitary and very solid mic. I was worried for a moment-- I'm not hip enough to be here! Everyone will know I'm a fraud...then I realised my pants were too tight for me to sit cross-legged. I was safe!

The next time you hear from us, we'll be in new digs, tired, and being stuffed with all the Indian junk food you can imagine!

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