07 December 2013

6 Bottles, so many messages

On Sunday night, Jonti and I got to do one of the loveliest tasks possible. I'm not even sure you could call it a task.

You see, ever since the wedding, Jonti and I have been trying to machete through all the leftover tasks on the weekends. Some are not very fun: I still haven't put those flip flops up for sale through the interwebs. But most of them are incredibly fun, like the thank you cards - have you gotten yours yet?

Some tired midnight, over 2 months ago, Katherine had helped me glue labels on the 6 wine bottles Jonti & I had collected & cleaned in the weeks before the wedding. Even Neil made a real effort for the cause, with some assiduous wine-drinking.
Of course, a lot of people didn't get to write their messages to our future selves on the day itself. My parents, I think, didn't even notice the bottles on the day - but to be fair, my parents were the most popular people at the wedding! They had way too many people to talk to...

Even Jonti's parents didn't have a chance to write us messages. 

So, the other day, we had finally collected the last messages from everyone. Jonti's parents and my parents. And we wrote messages to each other. We looked forward, 50 years to the future, and thought about what our life might be like then, what our love might be like then. We thought about the other people who we'd be reading messages from on that day, 50 years from now, and whether they'd still be just a phone call away. We thought about all the things outside our control that could mean only one of us is left to smash that bottle... or that neither of us might. We thought of how strong our love is now – and what 50 years could do to it...

We cried a little.

We held each other, and we made our promises again.

And then we closed our bottles with corks.

And sealed them with candle wax.

We are a little bit annoyingly in love. 


Atlanta folks: Don't think you're getting off easy - we're going to have bottles at our Atlanta wedding, too. Start thinking of your messages now!

PS: Someone has already apparently done a Star Trek quote, so you know - high standards.

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