02 July 2013

I flashed!

Partly because I don't write fiction (mostly because I've never really enjoyed limiting my word count), I've never tried to write any Flash Fiction.

But when some friends (just call them #Flashtag) asked me to take part in their Short Short Story Slam for the Didsbury Arts Festival, I was happy to be asked and to be able to do something for my friends.

So, last Friday night, I competed. I still didn't manage to write any fiction... so, I tried out a whole new genre: Flash Non-Fiction!

We had to prepare 3 stories:
1. 100 words or fewer
2. 150 words or fewer
3. 200 words or fewer

Basically, they set up 5 pairs of storytellers against each other, we read our shortest stories, and the losers from each pair were out. The winners of the most votes from each pair then competed against each other. It was brutal, as half the readers didn't even get to read their longer stories!

I've heard a lot of really great flash fiction since I moved to Manchester, and I really didn't think I'd get very far at all. Who's ever even heard of Flash Non-Fiction?!

To my surprise, I ended up being 1 of 3 finalists! I couldn't believe that anyone voted for my stories... I was floored by the fact that I even got to read all three of my stories. And if I had to lose to someone, I'm glad it was to another Southern girl: Trish Starbrook, who had never done an open mic literature night before, and left us all in her dust!

Thanks to #Flashtag for putting on this great night, and for inviting me to participate. I never would have done it, if y'all hadn't asked, and I'm so glad I tried it!

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