01 June 2013

Sunny day!

Last weekend, we finally had some sunshine. Given it was the second May bank holiday, Jonti and I decided to find ourselves some greenery. He's in the middle of exams, but it was too gorgeous a day to stay in.

We went to Heaton Park! Having only seen it at night, I finally managed to get there in day time... and it was beautiful.

I'd had a really busy week, full of work deadlines and and illness and far too many evening activities: a Travelling Band gig (meh), Electronic Voice Phenomenon (hmm), a Pat Martino gig (wow!).

A day at the park was exactly what I needed. Jonti and I sat in the sun, at a weird little garden cafe, and talked over his exam topics. A beautiful day. I look forward to visiting Heaton Park again...

Much like I'm looking forward to visiting (wait for it...) ATLANTA again!!

Oh, how very exciting-- this July, Atlanta folks, get ready. I'm in for a whirlwind few days.* I expect to see you, your new babies, your cats, your pictures, your very best macaroni art. I can't wait. Atticus: Be prepared. I'm going to cuddle you silly!

*Email or FB me for more information!

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