01 April 2013


Though I've lived in Manchester for nearly 3 years now, until last weekend, I had never visited either of its nearest city neighbours: Sheffield or Liverpool. Both are only about an hour away on the train, but I suppose I've never really had need to explore them. Manchester always fascinates me; there is always so much to do here...

But the other day, I read this article on the Guardian, about a pub in the Sheffield train station... a pub that is so nice, locals come to the train station just to have a pint! In this country of horrible train station cafes and uncomfortable waiting rooms, some twisted part of me just had to go see this anomalous Edwardian real ale microbrewery.

Yes, I wanted to take an hour-long train ride, to have a drink.

Mr Internet Man had asked me to come up with some ideas for an outing. I thought, "If he doesn't also want to go to Sheffield for a pint, well then, maybe he's no good."

Turns out he's twisted, too. He couldn't wait to get on that train to Sheffield. (As of this post, it's been a little more than two weeks since I first met Internet Man. I can confirm that he still seems  rather nice.)

A huge, clever water feature, just outside Sheffield train station
Its curvy, mirrored design makes it so that when you stand right close to it and look up, you feel like the water is going to come down on you. The sight of rushing water filled my view, and made me a little dizzy, a little unsure of my balance.

And the pub itself was amazing.

Internet Man and I sat in the newly renovated dining room, which houses a microbrewery.

I don't know why the children on these Edwardian tiles look so sad. 

With glass after glass of lovely ales, we whiled away a whole afternoon, talking and watching people, watching the trains come and go. We saw a group of men teaching a young boy how to be a trainspotter; he was so into it, with his little notepad, writing the numbers out.

We saw couples flirting and big groups of friends hanging out for hours. It was nothing like the brightly-lit cold and ugly train station waiting rooms we're so used to... This is a station where you'd feel lucky to miss your connecting train, and get waylaid for a few hours.

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