19 March 2013


I step off the train into one of the worst snow storms I've ever seen, like wandering into another world.

On my first visit to Oxford, a windy, otherworldly snow seems apt.

As the icy slush seeps into my boots, I look for Christ Church College, where I'm meant to hear a talk on CS Lewis.

"Oh, how very apt," I mutter, feeling my toes recoil from the wet coldness.

Then, I see this giant mound.
I'm not sure what this mound is about.
But there are signs telling me to not even think about climbing it.

I wasn't thinking about it. At all. Really.

Christ Church turns out to be a breathtaking beautiful castle-like college, not unlike the Cambridge colleges.

But I can't explore it, not today, because it is snowy and windy and my feet are turning blue. Well, brownish-blue anyway. 

Luckily, there is a lovely little cafe, with big picturesque windows overlooking Christ Church. I sit, order a hot coffee. Eventually, warm to the view, even if my feet are still frozen.

While I had planned to explore Oxford's renowned beauty, I content myself with a brilliant talk on CS Lewis by Alastair McGrath.

Later in the week, back in Manchester, I hear about a pub in Oxford called The Bookbinders' Arms. Must plan another trip to Oxford, I suppose!

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