20 February 2012

Honesty, told live, without notes.

A few months ago, a new night got started in Manchester. It's called Tales of Whatever, and it's based on The Moth. It's true stories, told live, without notes. Personal stories. I'm a Moth addict. I usually listen as soon as a new Moth podcast magics into my phone. There's something overwhelming about hearing strangers' private stories told to the world.

I thought this was *ideal* for me, as everything I write is a vaguely true story anyway, so back in December, I went along and told a little tale.

Here it is, if you're interested.

Tales of Whatever is a beautiful event, a lovely evening. The organiser makes sure there are booked storytellers, and also leaves one short slot for a spur-of-the-moment open mic storyteller. Like any open-mic, it's hit and miss. But then you consider that these are real people, telling their own actual personal stories to a room of strangers. And there's that overwhelming feeling again. It's a little staggering to think about the honesty that could happen on that stage.

When I tried to go last week, the back room of the Castle Hotel was so packed, I found myself straining to hear from the corridor! Turns out, they've had some great press coverage lately, in the Manchester Evening News and the Metro newspaper. If those crowds keep up, though, Tales of Whatever's going to have to get a new space.

It's definitely worth going to. Just get there early to snag a spot in the room, and if you're feeling adventurous... if you're feeling honest... take along a tale of your own to share.

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