26 January 2012

The MSF Podcast: LIVE!

This is the inside of the quietest room in Europe, Salford University's anechoic chamber. I got to visit it during the 2011 Manchester Science Festival.

As y'all might know, I've been volunteering for the Manchester Science Festival for quite awhile now. It keeps me busy, I enjoy doing science-related things, and I've met some lovely people through it. Overall, it's been a lovely experience.

I've been producing podcasts covering last year's festival highlights. It's exciting because I'm trying to get a job in radio production, and this kind of work will hopefully help!

The first episode is about a Microbiology and Art exhibition, a sort of weird art show. Give it a listen:
It's right here. Please leave comments, tell me what you think of it– I need feedback!

Also, I wrote some blog posts for them last year, and I don't think I mentioned them on this blog!

The Environment Is A Cup

An Elephant Packed Into A Cell?

Out of This World

Majestic Fragility

Beautiful Bacteria, Visual Viruses, Fascinating Fungi

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