03 April 2011

Thrills afoot!

So, I don't have time to do a proper new post, as I spent 9 hours editing a soundscape today, and I'm nowhere near done! Another 11 hours tomorrow should do it. w00...t?

Not quite.

But, following on the previous post, I have some exciting updates. After putting the post up, I sent an email to Bill Ryan, the fellow who originated the idea of getting authors to insult him, rather than just simply signing his copies of their works.

He wrote back to me and kindly:

Hey Nija,

I love it. Congrats on your first insult! One time and one time only I tried to ask an author again after she'd rejected me once. It was incredibly uncomfortable and weird, so I decided then and there that if someone says no, I thank them for their time and walk away. I guess Twitter's a little different, though. Plus, it doesn't look like Ian's quite as stuck up as my author was.


Then, he found me on Twitter, and sent a message out to his followers. I think it's brilliant:

And that's why I flipping love Twitter. I can't get over it.

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