31 October 2010

Happy Nijaween 2010!

Dear friends,
We here at TEAET (blugh, is that really our acronym? It's like a dirty palindrome) want to wish youse and yours a Happy (and spooky) Nijaween 2010. Nijaween Down Under has been a beautiful day, especially nice if you're a leafy plant. The predicted thunderstorms only just arrived at 6PM after a sunny day. Now our little green friends can cool off and drink heartily! (Sorry, been gardening a lot.)

Our big family has now been split up and scattered all around this globe of ours, and it makes celebrating things like birthdays very difficult. But I hope you'll all join me in a virtual, international surprise party for Nija as she turns 29...

Happy Birthday, my darling. Long live the queen!

And a special Happy Birthday to Nija's mom Smita, too...you are missed on many continents.

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