15 November 2009


Seeing as Nijaween just passed so recently, my tastebuds and belly have been subconciously gearing up for Thanksgiving; every time I go to the NYTimes page, I find myself dreaming about what Craig and I will make before I come to the shocking realisation that Thanksgiving doesn't happen here. And if I want to do a Thanksgiving, Wonderboy and I will have to do all the cooking and likely all the left-over eating, as well. The cooking alone can really blow up on you-- you think, "ah, we should make a seitan roll, stuffed with homemade stuffing. Of course we'll need gravy. Mark Bittman had a great post with three different gravies, those would be delicious, especially with potatoes. Mmmm, we'll need potatoes. Sweet potatoes or regular? Why choose? But what about mac and cheese? Every proper Thanksgiving would have mac and cheese, with buttered rolls on the side. Those are best homemade, too. And for dessert, a pie or a crumbcake? Pecan or pumpkin pie? Do I have to pick??..."

Then I started thinking about other foods I haven't eaten in too too long: collard greens, decent tortillas, spicy salsa. I started thinking about Thanksgiving Mexicana. Black bean cornbread stuffing! Empanadas!

Basically, it can get out of hand.

To keep things simple, I decided, for now, to focus on the one food I was feeling absolutely the most homesick for: southern biscuits. Most Southerners know you can't get proper southern biscuit north of Kentucky, so I certainly wasn't expecting them here, though Australian scones come fairly close.

Not close enough.

I found a vegan Southern biscuit recipe online, and I was shocked to learn it came from Sevananda's co-op newsletter! Sevananda is Atlanta's organic food co-op; Wonderboy and I were members for years. We never looked into the Organic Goddess's recipes, but I'm a true believer now. Because these biscuits are flipping amazing.

Buttery, dense, flakey, crumbley, fluffy. And all on a warm November morning-- bliss.


  1. I love me a biscuit. Katie and I had delicious biscuits at Stone Soup Kitchen on Sunday.

  2. Have you tried the ones from Pastries-a-go-go? Not vegan but ... reverie is the only word I can think of.

    Will someone please just mail all the Atlanta restaurants I love to Sydney for me? That'd be awesome. Oh, and please include their killer staffs and all my friends in the package. I'll pay you back for the postage. I promise.