07 April 2009

Wanton Sustenance

We were so proud of our kitchen performances this weekend, we had to share--

First off, we accomplished our very first vegan Wonton Soup! Look at the adorable wontons I folded with my own hands. They're almost as cute as Cinco. I got the recipe from veganyumyum.

Then, we cooked them up in a delicious miso ginger broth, and for the first time in their lives, two very long-term vegetarians enjoyed the most comforting mouthfuls of food, possibly, in the world. Wontons are warm and squishy and chewy and savoury. Ignore the ridiculously dirty stovetop in the background.

Then, we woke up late on Sunday and were pleasantly surprised by the end of Daylight Savings Time! We decided to celebrate with vegan cinnamon rolls, American-style. Here, they call 'em cinnamon scrolls, and they're made using rolled-up puff pastry. It's all wrong here, guys. Upside down and wrong. Craig says cinnamon scrolls aren't wrong, they're just different; I'm not interested in his feeble and unprincipled aquiesence to inferior Australian pastry. Just try telling me you won't want any of these when you visit me in Sydney! Just imagine them covered in a lemon zest icing, and the vision will be complete...

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