18 March 2009

Toxic Debt and Smoking Crabs: Delightful

I've put stuff up here before about the printmaking collective I'm getting involved with-- it's called the Rizzeria, and it's all based around stencil press printmaking. I just finished the Mastercourse, and check out the beautiful poster I made! It's inspired by Macquarie Dictionary's Word of the Year: Toxic Debt. The RISO machine is so much fun, like screenprinting, but at 120 pages/minute. Just call me speed demon.

We also played around with GOCCO machines in the class; they are just as fun as the RISO, though significantly slower. I printed the crab on brown primed canvas using red RISO ink on a GOCCO stencil press. I liked the GOCCO so much, I ended up buying one for my personal use! The crab was drawn by Craig, and it's becoming a bit of a personal logo for him; he's even started spelling his name krb. Total insanity.

This past weekend, Paul ( from this post ) came to town! He's been working for Australia's Immigration Department in Canberra. It was sort of bad that he came, because he was getting his visa to move back to Geneva; but it was still really nice to see him and hang out in Sydney. We took him on what we're starting to call "The Craig and Nija Awesome Food Tour of Sydney." I really enjoyed showing him around; it's strange, but somehow showing a friend around Sydney make me feel like I really know this place...like it might be home. I don't know everything about it, I haven't seen all of it. But I'm sort of starting to get it.

This coming weekend, I'm going to Canberra to see his town and hang out with him one last time before he moves back to the opposite quadrant of the world. I'm also going to check out ANU; I've been researching a few Master's programs, and it looks like ANU might have the best programs for me. I've heard a lot of bad things about Canberra, so I'm interested to see it for myself. I've heard it's really boring and spread out, it's the world's first planned community, it's like living in a park, and there's just not much life to it. I've also heard Canberra's a lot quieter than Sydney. Honestly, right now, as I'm listening to my neighbour's blaring television, people screaming at the bus stop right outside my front door, trucks and buses groaning by, and unmuffled motorcycles rage past, quiet sounds like it might be a really nice place to be.


  1. speed demon that is a gorgeous print! Glad you're settling in. As for Paul, he's got the right idea to leave the country before you two do. I can attest that your departure results in everything looking older/crappier, smelling funny all of the sudden and causing crazy underneathwitches to get even crabbier. (Sorry krb to associate your new found indentity with such a toxic debt. (see, how I did that just now, pretty clever))

    All of this is to say that Forkner Arms has jumped the shark and that Jason and I are almost all the way moved out of the apt and into a HOUSE around the corner. Ohmygod I can't tell you how much better I feel about everything after having left. Would love love love to talk to you about it and hope to post some pics or video soon.

    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. So awesome that y'all got a house!! Did you take the plunge of home ownership, or are you still rocking the rent?

    I'm so glad to hear you're away from the stress of those pesky underneath witches--just don't invite her to your housewarming and forward all your mail! Can you get skype, dear? We can talk for freez!

  3. still rocking the armband! :)