17 January 2009

Wombats = House Bears

Awhile ago, I promised to put up pictures from the wildlife sanctuary in Tasmania, and true to my word, here they are--

A baby wombat showed off for us. He was really sociable--he was the only baby, and he couldn't be kept in an enclosure with adult wombats, so for companionship they put a rabbit in his enclosure! It was a formula for cuteness, a fat baby wombat chasing a hopping cottontail rabbit around. He was as cute as a baby bear, but infinitely less scary, because he will never grow to ten times my size and want to eat my flesh. He's an herbivore, like me!

The wildlife sanctuary also had some Marmosets, tiny New World monkeys that are only about 20cm long. They had just had a baby, it's hanging onto its dad's back.

and this one was not impressed with me taking so many pictures.

This koala had to be nursing a fierce hangover--they only eat eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are so tough and fibrous, the koala's digestive system can only break down them down through a process of fermentation that creates alcohol. No wonder koalas are so grumpy--they're always drunk.

And the devils: they're like adorable marsupial dogs. This one wasn't roaring, just yawning. In fact, we didn't see any devilish behaviour at all.

Craig was so happy to cuddle with a baby Tasmanian Devil named Chaos.

And this adult Devil was very happy to get his lunch of fresh wallaby.


  1. so what you're saying is that Leila would be qualified to gather food for the lil devils....

    I s is just a coincidence that the first wombat looked dead and the last one definitely was?

  2. Just to clarify and dispel any notion of dead wombats, the wombat pictured lying on his back is busy scratching his belly with his rear foot, and the devil in the last photo is being fed wallaby.

    Also, marsupial factoid: all marsupial babies are called "joeys," just like baby kangaroos. How about that!