20 December 2008

Going Outta My Mind--The Lasch

I've finally figured out how to put audio up on my blog, so y'all back home can finally hear what I've been up to on the radio here.

My segment is all about the Atlanta music scene, and so far, I've covered The Lasch, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Some Soviet Station, Black Lips, Gentleman Jesse and His Men (of course) and the Babyshakes.

From now on, I'll be putting a new one up each week--and if you know of a cool Atlanta band that Sydney needs to know about, pass the info right along!

An update: Last weekend, Craig and I had the most amazing time; I might even call it the perfect weekend. One of those weekends where you do everything you need to get done, you do a bunch of stuff you just want to do, and you still somehow find time to have a picnic in the park and sleep in. Beautiful.


  1. Oh, right. I should probably have said this: click on the title of this post, the part that says "Going Outta My Mind," and it'll take you to an audio file that will start playing my bit.


  2. I don't know how relevant this is to the show but you know The Lasch broke up and formed Paper Knives. Truely sad, but Paper Knives is still pretty kick ass i think so not all that bad.